Halls of Learning



  1. Using our online platform, you will have 1 hour to solve as many problems and score as many points as possible. (Details for each age group are found in the OUCC syllabus section).
  2. For Round 1, students will complete the challenge at any time during a 1 week period and only have 1 attempt. For Round 2 (the finals), students will complete the challenge on a specific day and only have 1 attempt.
  3. When competing you must stay on the Challenge website except as indicated below.
  4. All age groups can access our tutorials.
  5. Senior and Elite students are allowed to use any programming IDE that you usually use in school, however, if you cannot access an IDE at home, you can write your programs directly into the code area in the tasks. You are allowed to use documentation that is built into your IDE, even if this points to a separate website. An example of an acceptable syntax guide can be found here: Coding Club Code Cards.
  6. You are allowed to use the official documentation website for the language you are using if you wish (e.g. https://docs.python.org/3.8/reference/index.html). You must not navigate to any other websites.
  7. You can use a simple text editor to perform search and replace procedures if any supplied data needs to be re-formatted for your particular programming language, e.g. you might want to replace double quotes with single quotes.
  8. Digital certificates will be awarded for Round 1 and printed certificates will be awarded for Round 2 (the finals). A Distinction certificate is awarded for scoring 40 or above and a Merit certificate is awarded for scoring 25 to 39. (See the rubric section). Trophies and medals will be awarded to top scorers.

Halls of Learning is proud to use The Cuttle Platform 
to host the OUCC Jamaica.

[ For questions about OUCC Jamaica, please email: ouccjamaica at hallsoflearning dot com ]