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How to prepare for the OUCC

The early questions will require you to be familiar with Blockly. A tutorial system that also includes some engaging challenges can be found here: blockly-games.appspot.com. Focus especially on the MazeTurtle and Movie sections.

Unless you are in the Junior age category, you may find it useful to be familiar with a modern programming language for solving Section 3 problems. Intermediate students will be able to take part using only Blockly but will have more choice in the section C tasks if they can program in another language. In section C students are expected to have time to complete 2 out of 5 tasks only. A minimum of two Blockly tasks will be available in section C in this age group. For Senior and Elite students there will still be a need to be familiar with Blockly but full participation will not be possible without knowledge of a text-based programming language.

You will also need to be familiar with the sections required for your age group in the Syllabus

You should also work through the special tutorials that address this Challenge specifically.

A carefully structured Python tutorial aimed at able beginner programmers can be found here: computer science circles. It is possible for you, and any other students from your school to register on this site and then assign your teacher (or even a student) as your mentor. This person will receive any requests for help you might make.

Halls of Learning is proud to use The Cuttle Platform 
to host the OUCC Jamaica.

[ For questions about OUCC Jamaica, please email: ouccjamaica at hallsoflearning dot com ]